PostaGram PgAddress - How it Works?

Create a PgAddress by providing the Name Street address of the person you wish to send postcards.

This information is stored on the server as the PgAddress and used to print the postcard street address. A simple email with attached photo with message sent to a PgAddress completes all the information needed for a postcard. It's really that simple. A photo with message sent from any device from any email address to the PgAddress will send a real photo postcard via US Postal First Class.

For example: You could setup PostaGram PgAddresses for all your friends and simply CC: a photo and message to send everyone a postcard while on vacation.
Create a PgAddress for someone in a nursing home.
Have a computer program send notices to customers or prospects. It's an email but it sends real mail.
Tell all your friends your PgAddress so you receive postcards.

The question is "What is your PgAddress?" Find out in less than two minutes. Send a postcard in less than click "how are you?" Send! Send a smile to someone for $2.

If you have any questions please call me personally. My cell number is (478) 461-4955. I'll be happy to talk PgAddress.

Dwayne Rowland

New*** Your audio or media on your postcard